The Radar Analysis Debriefing Systems (RADS) is a stand-alone system for displaying flight surveillance data in a three-dimensional environment. RADS has the ability to provide investigators, managers, executives, regulators, air crew and controllers with a highly realistic animation of an incident, accident, or any air occurrence of interest.

With RADS, you can play back and analyze aircraft positions in space and time, listen to Air Traffic Control (ATC) voice recordings, and view ATC transcript simultaneously. Aircraft flight paths, ATC audio, and ATC transcripts are all synchronized in real-time.

The RADS “Wizard” interface enables quick creation of flight animation by selecting the desired radar data file, aircraft of interest, 3D terrain and audio or text transcripts. The animation can be saved as a video file and replayed with full interaction capabilities.

RADS  incorporates the latest in airborne surveillance technology including MLAT and ADS-B.

A mature system and the only advanced tool of its kind, RADS can give you detailed insight into complex air occurrences.


RADS is designed to make flight data intuitive, visual and easy to follow. It offers multiple benefits to trainers, investigators and decision makers including:

  • Immediate incident level analysis at the area control centre and control tower facilities
  • Clarity of ‘what happened’ and ‘why it happened’,
  • Aid for improved operational, legal, and corporate decision making, and
  • Effective debriefing tool for air crew and controllers.







RADS and Wizard

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