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Insight™ FDM is designed for airline flight data monitoring programs. The system is highly configurable to allow the user to view a complex or simple snapshot of each event and the associated flight data. Events can be configured by the user using a simple GUI interface or, for complex algorithms, the user can develop their own functions for unlimited flexibility.

Insight™ FDM uses a standard open architecture database allowing integration with a variety of third party advanced statistical tools or other databases. The web-interface enables airlines to provide an internal web-based service to other stakeholders within the airline.

Insight™ FDM is used by airlines that wish to carry out an FDM, FDA, or FOQA Program that follows the rules, regulations and/or guide-lines set out by ICAO (Amendment 26 to Annex 6 – Operation of Aircraft, Part 1), the FAA (FAR Part 13, Subpart I, Sec. 13.401; 14 CFR Part 193; FAA Advisory Circular AC 120-82), and the JAA (JAR-OPS 1.037).


Insight™ FDM

Data Explorer

Insight™ FDM

Event Definition Editor

Insight™ FDM

Report - Events per 100 Flights

Insight™ FDM

Report - Distribution of Flight Durations

Insight™ FDM

Report - Flight Duration vs. Weight

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