Insight™ SOQA/BDS

At the heart of CAE’s Simulator Operations Quality Assurance (SOQA) solution is an integrated software suite that applies analysis strategies originally developed to support Civil and Military aircraft safety (FOQA) programs. The software suite deploys common user interfaces that create a seamless environment for the flight training centre community as a whole.

In short, the SOQA process integrates flight simulator, video and audio data to provide trending and automated data analysis strategies aimed at reducing Training Center operating costs as well as enhanced student learning.

The three essential components of SOQA are:

Brief-Debrief System

  • Human Factors training and review
  • Briefing in support of Evidence Based Training (EBT) and the review of topical line operations and simulator training incidents improving the relevance of training syllabus items and scenario based exercises.
  • The production of training video .AVI files which can be used as part of the pre simulator session briefing process to show and illustrate standard SOPs, best handling practices, navigation, system management and engine/power-plant topics. This video material is also used in Ground School training.
  • De Brief and Self-Paced Study is undertaken using recorded FFS session material that is made available to students and Pilots interested in self-improvement; so enabling pilots to self-assess, hone or improve their own decision making and human factors skills.

Training Data Analysis

  • Improved SOP, human factors, instructor, rater and flight operations standardization and takes the guesswork out of the training process.
  • Provides training community managers, professionals and business leaders with hard data to support difficult training and system management decisions.

Evidence-Based Training

  • Topical incidents are rapidly incorporated into the training process providing rapid corrective action and improved Flight Simulator scenario based training exercises using data taken from real world operational and simulator training data.


Insight™ SOQA/BDS

Altitude Profile

Insight™ SOQA/BDS

Boeing B737-400

Insight™ SOQA/BDS


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