CAE Flightscape and RUAG Aviation Partnership

Published October 11, 2011

Las Vegas, USA, October 11, 2011 — CAE and RUAG today announced at the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) annual convention that the CAE Flightscape and RUAG Aviation partnership has been selected by Dassault Falcon as the preferred Dassault authorized provider of Flight Data Monitoring Services (FDM) for all new production and in-service Falcon aircraft.

“This new Flight Data Monitoring service further demonstrates Dassault’s clear commitment to safety and service, beyond design and manufacturing. This service will enhance safety and provide regulatory compliance where required,” said Jacques Chauvet, Senior Vice President Customer Service for Dassault Aviation. “Flight data monitoring and analysis should be a major component of an Accident Prevention Program and Corporate Flight Operational Quality Assurance (C-FOQA).”

The FDM service can enhance safety by helping Falcon operators proactively detect, assess and manage potential issues in their flight operations, as well as comply with certain regulatory requirements. The CAE Flightscape-RUAG FDM service provides objective monitoring and analysis of flight operations, abnormal event detection plus powerful flight debrief tools including 3D animations.

FDM can help operators highlight non-standard events, identify operational risks, evaluate how to tailor training programs based on specific operating environments, and also determine where flight operations can be optimized. Participating Dassault Falcon operators may also benchmark their flight operations against other operators in a secure, confidential manner. Events are professionally validated in strict confidence by a team of flight data experts and experienced pilots.

Operators of in-service aircraft fitted with a Quick Access Recorder (QAR) or Flight Data Recorder (FDR) may access the service directly through CAE Flightscape and RUAG.

The turnkey Dassault Falcon FDM Service can be accessed wherever an operator has an internet connection. Together, CAE and RUAG will provide 24/7 worldwide service coverage. CAE Flightscape and RUAG Aviation have partnered  to provide FDM for business aircraft operators. CAE Flightscape and RUAG are the two leading providers of FDM software and services for airlines, business aircraft and civil helicopter operators, governments and militaries.

About Dassault Falcon
Dassault Falcon is responsible for selling and supporting Falcon business jets throughout the world. It is part of Dassault Aviation, a leading aerospace company with a presence in over 70 countries across five continents. Dassault Aviation produces the Rafale fighter jet as well as the complete line of Falcon business jets. The company has assembly and production plants in both France and the United States and service facilities on multiple continents. It employs a total workforce of over 12,000. Since the rollout of the first Falcon 20 in 1963, 2000 Falcon jets have been delivered to 67 countries worldwide. The family of Falcon jets currently in production includes the tri-jets—the Falcon 900LX, and the 7X—as well as the twin-engine Falcon 2000LX and 2000S.

About RUAG Aviation
RUAG Aviation is a division of the international technology group RUAG. Flight data monitoring, mission planning, debriefing or obstacle data management are the tasks of the highly developed software applications and services from RUAG Aviation. The products developed by RUAG Aviation engineers have proved themselves in practice: the Swiss Mission Data System (SMDS) operates successfully with the Swiss Air Force. The Flight Data Monitoring FDM is ideal for use in airlines or for business aircraft, and fulfils the ICAO standards. RUAG’s analysis services make a key contribution to the flight safety of their users.

RUAG is an international technology group for aerospace (space and aviation) and defence (security and defence technology) with a high level of competence in technology. The head office is in Bern (CH). RUAG has production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and the USA. RUAG has a workforce of 7,700 employees worldwide. Of these, 5% are trainees and 5,000 are employed in Switzerland.

About CAE Flightscape and CAE
CAE Flightscape is a world leader in safety of flight sciences and flight data analysis. The CAE business develops software tools that enable the effective study and understanding of recorded flight data to improve safety, maintenance, and flight operations.

CAE is a global leader in modelling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defence. The company employs more than 7,500 people at more than 100 sites and training locations in more than 20 countries. Through CAE’s global network of 33 civil aviation, military and helicopter training centres, the company trains more than 80,000 crewmembers yearly. CAE’s business is diversified, ranging from the sale of simulation products to providing comprehensive services such as training and aviation services, professional services and in-service support. The company aims to apply its simulation expertise and operational experience to help customers enhance safety, improve efficiency, maintain readiness and solve challenging problems. CAE is now leveraging its simulation capabilities in new markets such as healthcare and mining.

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